Iced coffee

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Iced coffee

The problem with running a bed and breakfast(Chambre d’hôte) in Normandy France is coffee.
It’s the staple drink for breakfast(petit-déjeuner) with of course fresh bread,croissants and home-made jams. I love coffee but its necessary not to run out.
So we end up with a lot of coffee at the end of the service .So we found a great recipe from my fitness app for an Iced coffee.Its more like a smoothy.I think you might like it.

You need
cold filtered coffee 400 ml
milk or rice milk 250 ml
Medjool dates or dried figs 2 or 3

It’s really easy really but needs some preparation.Pour your cold coffee into ice-cube trays and freeze for 4 hours at least.

Turn out Frozen coffee cubes into a food processor.

Add milk or rice milk and pulse until ice is chopped .Your can then fully purer until slush puppy texture.

I usually drink through a long glass with a large straw


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